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At prima dental, we are committed to delivering exceptional dental care to patients of all ages in Dearborn and the surrounding areas. As your trusted dental partner, we prioritize your oral health and well-being by providing comprehensive services in a warm and welcoming environment. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to ensuring that you the highest quality of care possible.

Why Choose prima dental?

Exceptional Patient Care - At prima dental your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. Our friendly and compassionate team is committed to delivering personalized care tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Experienced Dental Professionals - Led by Dr. Shamas and Dr. bonamici, our team of experienced dentists, hygienists, and support staff possess the knowledge, skills, and expertise to address all your dental concerns effectively. We stay abreast of the latest advancements in dentistry to ensure that you receive the highest quality of care possible.

Comprehensive Services - From routine cleanings and preventive care to advanced restorative treatments and cosmetic procedures, we offer a wide range of dental services to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life. Whether you need a dental check-up, teeth whitening, or dental implants, we have you covered.

Focus on Patient Education - We believe that informed patients make better decisions about their oral health. That's why we take the time to educate our patients about their dental conditions, treatment options, and preventive care practices, empowering them to take an active role in maintaining optimal oral hygiene.

What to Expect as a New Patient

Comprehensive Exam - During your initial visit, we'll conduct a thorough dental examination to assess your oral health, including the condition of your teeth, gums, and supporting structures. We'll discuss any concerns or goals you may have and develop a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs.


Personalized Treatment Options - Based on the findings of your exam, we'll recommend appropriate treatment options to address any dental issues and help you achieve your smile goals. We'll explain each option in detail, answering any questions you may have, and work with you to develop a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle.

Comfortable, Stress-Free Environment - We understand that visiting the dentist can be intimidating for some patients. That's why we strive to create a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere where you can feel at ease throughout your dental experience. Our caring team will ensure that you feel comfortable and supported every step of the way.

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